It was not a quick decision, but one that slowly consolidated. I made the decision on 10.05.2017 and then informed the head coach on 12.05.2017. My first doubts arose at the European Indoor Championships. Why did Zuzana change the way she warmed up ? Why did she start to drink water seconds before the start and thus drink away her gold medal chances ? The answer I received at the time was, "I know what's good for me, I know my body". Right from the beginning, I left Zuzana a great deal of space for her individuality - that's the only way world class athletes can function.  
  I changed important feeders within six months and managed to reactivate her old strengths. The main thing was changing her running position, so that she no longer had any pain in her achilles tendon. Her interviews proved this, as did the indoor season when she ran her best performance in the 60m hurdles ( 8,24 s. ) as well as the 60m ( 7,64 s. ). Based on non specific 400m training, she ran the second and third best records of her career in the 400m indoor ( 51,96 s. and 51,77 s. ). After that, in my opinion, no athlete has any more doubts, trusts his coach 100% and knows that he can look forwards towards the goal of the summer season with confidence.

After the indoor season and the first week of training in Bad Lobenstein, Zuzana absolutely wanted to return to Prague. It was not until then that she had pain in her achilles tendon - without any clinical cause. I did not accept this, and then started to ask questions, which were only blocked. "That's the way it is - it's always like that at this time". There was also no way I could get her to consult a specialist in Germany. From then on, my trust in her started to dwindle and I was no longer sure which track Zuzana was on, and above all, with whom. Aware of my responsibility, I put a lot of hope in the training camp on Tenerife, although I had a suspicion before then.

I was shocked by what I saw there. Zuzana ran in her old running position and was in pain. There were two high value training units in which she absolutely wanted adjustments to the past and I had to first get rid of her old running position by using a few "tricks". Within six months, I had proven to her that my changes did not result in any more pain. Her response was that she needed this old running position. Towards the end of the training camp, there was a catastrophic test and I met an important person for her - in her opinion.  

This person explained the same thing to me : the old running position is the best for Zuzana - that's the way her body is.

From this point on, I recognised that Zuzana no longer shared our common goal. I do not want to encourage any speculations. I strictly adhere to the obvious and what can be proven. Recently, too many people have asked me about the reasons and causes, which is why I am submitting this declaration in this form. I can no longer continue with my job - I feel responsible for my work as a coach.

I would like to thank the Czech Association, the coaches and athletes for so kindly accepting me into their ranks.